Sustainable Development...

TPTECH aims to sustainable development and becoming top insulation manufacturer in area. We strive constantly everyday to bring high quality products, maximum satisfactions to customers and to contribute green life to community.


Respect-abiding customers
Customers are the center and reason for TPTECH to build, exist and develop.

Working culture of TPTECH which is drastic with disciplined spirit and action, speed and efficiency creates the synergy

TPTECH is ONE collective with enthusiastic people who are eager to study, be honest, respectful, cooperate and share to achieve common goals together.

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People Strategy

For TPTECH, people are valuable property, core value to decide company’s success. TPTECH recruits and trains people to equip them knowledge, skills and effective working attitude. TPTECH creates a studious collective helping employees be trained, develop and aims to making each of them to be a representative of TPTECH.


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Environment And Community

TPTECH is aware and acts drastically in environment protection. We invest modern, scientific and streamlined equipment helping to minimize the impact on the environment.

Our insulation products carry the mission of saving energy, protecting the environment, bringing greater benefits to the community.

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