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About usVision

TPTECH aims to develop sustainably and become the leading thermal insulation manufacturer in Asia-Pacific area.

About us Mission “For a Greener Life”

TPTECH contributes to creating a greener life for the community by providing high quality and environmentally friendly thermal insulation products to help save energy for the air conditioner system. We do our best for that mission.

Mission “For a Greener Life”

Core valuesCore values

Core values


TPTECH’s first responsibility is to the Customers. Products of TPTECH must be of good quality, reasonably priced and orders processed, delivered quickly, reached and exceeded the agreed schedule.

The second responsibility of TPTECH is to all employees. The company ensures a safe working environment, fair and scientific management regime with reasonable income and good remuneration. Employees are entitled to give constructive ideas. Employees are constantly learning to improve their skills to work, to preserve the core values ​​of TPTECH as well as conduct in accordance with the Company’s Culture.

TPTECH’s next responsibility is to the Community and Partners. The company complies with the regulations of the local government and contributes to preserving and protecting the environment. TPTECH cooperates, develops suppliers, partners to better meet the needs of the Company.


TPTECH makes continuous improvements to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce product costs, thereby bringing greater benefits to customers. We define improvement as a process without a stop.


Continuously researching and developing new and useful products to bring more value to the community is the way TPTECH makes a breakthrough. A strong motivation for TPTECH’s creativity is to make it better and better than its mission.


TPTECH requires every employee to be Responsible to themselves, to customers, to colleagues, to the company, to partners and to the community in each day’s activities as well as the Improvement and Creation of themselves.

Logo MeaningLogo Meaning

Brand name

TP is an abbreviation of “Toan Phat”, which means continuous development and innovation, constantly creation, this is also one of the three most important core values ​​of TPTECH to gradually make our dream become possible as the leading insulation manufacturer in Asia Pacific.

TECH implies technology, one of the most important factors that TPTECH targets and invests in all of his production and business activities. From production lines to machinery and equipment are applied the most modern technology, in order to create high-quality technology products, helping to save energy for the air conditioning system (HVAC) and minimizing the bad effects of weather to projects.


Appearing right below the brand name is the slogan “Total Insulation Solution”. Although the slogan is short but shows the full value that TPTECH gives customers, it is the comprehensive and optimal solution about insulation, besides, it expresses the Company’s business field clearest.


Associated with the TPTECH brand name, the symbol is inspired by the stylized cube of the closed cell structure in a hexagon representing insulation image – a key product of TPTECH. The cube symbol brings us a solid, durable and stable feelings.

Logo Color

Red and blue colors represent the Hot and Cold conditions of air-conditioning system. These two conditions always exist together to form a unified, inseparable cycle. Besides, the red color also symbolizes luck and prosperity, combined with the blue color to show technological elements and green environmental standards.

Logo Meaning
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